Earn $1 For Every Referral


Earn rewards by being a helpful and contributing member

Here at Money Gurus, we want to reward those who are active and those contributing in making our community grow. Due to this, we have set up a Credit-based rewards system that rewards users when they are active and otherwise contributing in a positive way.

What are Credits?

Credits are the currency of Money Gurus. They can be used for unlocking content, to purchase advertising, as virtual currency, and a lot more.

You can even withdraw it for Bitcoin! The current minimum withdrawal is $5 which is equal to 5000 Credits. This may change in the future depending on community feedback.

How can I earn Credits?

These are the ways you can earn Credits at the moment:

  1. Earn 1000 Credits per valid referral (use our referral tools if you need some help)
  2. Earn 100 Credits per new thread (has to follow our forum rules)
  3. Earn 50 Credits per new post (has to follow our forum rules)
  4. Sell resources and tutorials by locking your content for Credits in the Marketplace
  5. Complete jobs and deals from our Marketplace that pay in Credits
  6. Earn 250 Credits for reporting unsolicited private messages either on the Discord or on the forum
  7. Redeem codes to earn Credits for free which are posted on our social media and Discord server
  8. Miscellaneous – reacting to other users’ posts, registering for your first time, and more…

More ways to earn are coming soon!

What can I buy with Credits?

Check out our shop here to see what you can spend your Credits on at the moment.

In addition to what is seen there, you can also buy other members’ resources in the Marketplace.

Please also make sure to read our FAQ!!


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